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July 16, 2009

A New Addition to the "Family" of Companies: StyleCaster

I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to our “family” of companies and the future of style and fashion: StyleCaster.

StyleCaster is a new website that will change the way you look at fashion.  It’s your very own 24/7 personal shopper that gives you personalized style tips, the low-down on the latest fashion trends, access to a large catalog of cool clothes and the ability to buy your favorite items with a few clicks of your mouse. Home PageThe best part? StyleCaster doesn’t tell you what’s fashionable based on the latest runway style or celebrity endorsement, it actually learns from YOU and serves up outfit ideas, product suggestions and premium content from the top fashion editors and stylists based on YOUR tastes.

How does StyleCaster know what you like? Here’s the magic: With every click and every choice you make on the site, StyleCaster pays attention and remembers for next time. The more you interact, the more your fashion profile grows, offering you a super customized experience and bringing you closer to the styles you want most.

In addition to knowing your tastes, the website serves up outfit recommendations appropriate for the weather in your area (yes, it knows that too). It not only connects you with people who have similar ideas of fashion as you, but you’ll also become part of a social community where you can swap ideas, inspiration and advice with top fashion editors, stylists, models and trend-setters.

We’ve previewed the website to a few select media and fashion insiders, and the response has been AMAZING. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

  • W Magazine: “Its combination of big money, big talk and big ideas seems to have scored points among the fashion set.”
  • ShopBop: “This is the stuff of fashion fantasy, and StyleCaster is making it a reality.”
  • WalletPop: “A free personal stylist, only nicer… StyleCaster will provide you with the dream cyber closet of ideas and network you with stylists, models, and other fashionistas with similar tastes. It’s Facebook meets Elle.”
  • GlamChic: “Stylecaster is essentially catering to every woman’s guilty pleasures and taking you inside the fictitious closets of fashion’s top influencers. And as fun as it is to rummage through your friends’ closets, it’s far more fun to peek inside those of seasoned professionals, like famed celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman and editors Meg Cuna and Carol Han, or to browse through the picks of creative novices with tremendous flair.”

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